Everything About How To Change Language In iTools

On the computer, there are many utility software that users can use to meet their work and entertainment needs. But most of them are still English software and many users are prevented from using it because of this factor. If there is an interface, even without instructions, users can still use the basic features of the software and learn more new features, iTools data management software also has a new language. The default language is English and there are many features in iTools that users have not used because the software language is English. Here is a guide on how to change language in iTools.

Everything About How To Change Language In iTools

Brief Description of iTools

Before knowing how to change languages in iTools, let’s see what is iTools. iTools is an essential tool to manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod completely. It is a similar tool to iTunes and comes with more flexible features that you usually will not find in iTunes. Those outstanding features make managing your iOS device much easier. And the best thing about iTools is it is completely free for all iOS users. It comes in many languages that any iOS user around the world can use without any hassle. 

Here we going to tell you how to change Language in iTools, what are the features, and what makes this best out there. 

Why do we need iTools with different languages?

iTools comes as the best iOS management software for all the iDevices users in the world. You can simply manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch completely from it. But the thing is, why iTools comes in various languages? We already tell you that iTools is very unique iOS management tool for all iOS users. First, iTools comes in the Chinese language. So everyone is not familiar with the same language anymore. That’s why iTools developers introduce iTools latest version with different languages. 

So anyone can understand its amazing features and experience the user-friendly features of iTools. It’s easy simple and makes life much easier. Why not just give it a try?

What are the iTools Language Selection?

iTools supports many different languages, including;

  • Traditional Chinese
  • English 
  • Russian 
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean 
  • Turkish 
  • Thai
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese 
  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Vietnamese.

iTools Supported Devices and System Requirments

iTools is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It is available in Chinese and developed by ThinkSky developers. How to change language in iTools? Is it compatible with all iOS, Windows, and Mac computers? 

Here are the answers to all of your questions.

  • Windows OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, including Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Mac OS: Mac OSX 10.8 and above
  • iPhones: iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and iPhone SE
  • iPads: iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air
  • iPod Touch: All the iPod Touch 1 to 6

How to Get iTools on your Windows and Mac

Do you consider all those system requirements that have been mentioned above? They are a slice of a try taken to make your life more effortless. Just like that, the downloading of iTools is also rather easy. After you prepare your computer and install iTools latest version to it. Connect your iOS device to your computer properly with a USB cable. Wait until it detects your iDevice. When successfully connected change your preferred language. Now you get the opportunity to work with it much as you like.

Some Words about How to Change Language in iTools

Currently, iTools supports seven languages. Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, German, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and French. The language you require can fix by just clicking the icon in the top right corner. Then select one of the seven different languages.

Even some simple application like iTools comes with many buttons and control panels. It is grouped and available for immediate access. So you can experience all the features with your favorite and comfortable language. Here, are the simple steps to how iTools language setup

Simple Steps on How to Change Language in iTools 

Here is the step-by-step introduction on how to change language in iTools download. Follow the steps and enjoy the features in your favorite language.

  1. Download and install iTools for your computer from our official website.
  2. Start the iTools and select the settings icon on the top right corner of the interface. 
  3. In the iTools setting option, choose Languages and select the language you prefer.
  4. Then your iTools interface change into the language you select before.
  5. Also, your iTools Toolbox changed to the language you selected.
  6. That’s all!

Then the users can easily use the features of iTools than the English tools, thereby allowing them to manage everything on their iOS devices better.

Impressive Features iTools offer for users

The most important feature iTools comes with is its ability to change languages in iTools. It is the smartest, fast, and most suitable tool out there. So if you use iTools for one time you will truly fall in love with iTools. What makes iTools the best?

  • This tool comes as a 100% free tool for both Windows and Mac computers.
  • iTools is compatible with all iOS devices including the latest iPhone 14 model.
  • You can use the Data Migration tool to migrate videos, images, and audio on your device.
  • With the iTools AirPlayer option to play games, preview images, and even watch videos.
  • iTools File manager allows you to manage all the files and documents on your iOS device. 
  • By using iTools Image Tool you can share your favorite images and albums between iPhone and computer. 
  • Backup and Restore your data without losing any of them with the iTools Backup and Restore Tool.
  • iTools Battery Master helps you to manage your iPhone battery with just a few clicks.
  • The iTools Ringtone Maker enables you to create your unique ringtones.
  • Allows you to install, backup, delete, as well as update any App available on the iDevice.
  • The opportunity to work with different formats.
  • It allows you to import and export your iOS device files without restrictions.


We hope now you get a better idea about how to change language in iTools. Here we introduce how simply change your comfortable language. Enjoy the super user experience with iTools and let us know if there is any trouble. 

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