3 Best Gymnastics Movies to Watch in 2023

Gymnastics is a tough sport that requires flexibility, strength, agility and a balanced body. It becomes very interesting to watch gymnastics movies, watching players dancing on the floors, bars, vaults and beams. 

3 Best Gymnastics Movies to Watch in 2023
Image by Ania Klara from Pixabay

If you don’t know much about this sport, then you should definitely watch these movies, only then you will get to know how much sacrifices you have to make to be a part of the gymnastics team.

You will also learn about the athlete’s daily routine. It will be great fun to watch the stories of hard-working athletes on screen.

Although Gymnastics based movies never performed well, there is always room for improvement. But if you ask for reviews from gymnastics lovers, they will always give you positive feedback. There are many video streaming platforms where you can watch gymnastics movies. Our personal recommendation is to watch Gymnastics movies on Netflix.

Now let’s discuss some famous gymnastics movies you should definitely watch if you are a gymnastics fan or you are seeking to make a career in the field.  

Teenage Dream (1986)

 This is a story of a Gymnastic player Robin who was preparing for a gymnastics tournament. One day, while travelling with her father in a car, they met with an accident, where she got badly injured and her father died at the moment. Her injuries were so deep that she realized that her career had come to an end. But she didn’t lose hope, she tried harder and in the end she could compete in the tournament with her teammates.

 Director: Paul Lynch

Writer: John Sheppard

Star Casts: Olivia d’Abo, Rita Tushingham, Keanu Reeves

 Lefty (1980)

Lefty is a story of one-armed gymnast Carol Johnston, who played gymnastics in the year 1979, where she aimed to win balance beam and floor exercises at the NCAA championship. This is a story of a girl who was born with one arm and still manages to compete in the NCAA championship. When you have a strong determination then nothing can stop you, you will learn this thing in the movie.

Director: James E. Thompson

Writer: Gina Rester

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)

This movie is a perfect example of true friendship released in the year 1985. Janey is new in town and meets Lynne, and she shares her passion for dancing in general with him. One day they learned about the couple’s Dance competition which will be held in their city. And they are taking auditions for the competition, Janey and Lynne are very excited about the audition. But there is one problem in following their passion, and that is Janey’s orthodox father, who will never allow Janey to take part in it. You have to watch this movie to know how Lynne will convince her father to allow her to follow her passion.

Director: Alan Metter

Writer: Amy Spies

Star Casts: Biff Yeager, Richard Blade, Kristi Somers

Perfect Body (1997)

This is the story of gymnast Andie Bradley, who is having big dreams for the Olympics. She once gets the opportunity to work with one of the famous coaches in the US and she accepts it gracefully. When she got to the gym, her coach told her strictly to lose weight and she followed his instructions and lost some pounds. It was just dieting in the beginning, but when she met her fellow team member, Leslie, she came to know that there are other ways as well to lose weight without controlling your diet.

Director: Douglas Barr

Writer: Melissa Gould

Star Casts: Amy Jo Johnson, Wendie Malick, Brett Cullen

 The Gymnast (2006)

This is the story of Jane Hawkins, who was once a talented gymnastics player until a devastating injury ended her career. Life gave her another chance in her forties when she get an opportunity to perform a CirqueDu Soleil style aerial act with a  very beautiful and mysterious dancer named Serena. Each of them is attracted to the presence of the other but there are many distractions as well. Later on, this stunning pair begins preparation for their audition in a Las Vegas show. The two women came really closer to each other. This is a gymnast-based movie and a very romantic love story as well you should definitely watch it,

Director: Ned Farr

Writer: Ned Farr

Star Casts: Dreya Weber, David De Simone, Addie Yungmee

 These are some old and famous gymnastics movies you should definitely watch if you are looking forward to making a career in this sport. You will come to know about many hurdles that you may face while preparing for the competition. And those who are not interested but curious to know about this sport should also watch this movie and they will eventually become fans of the sport.

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