The Benefits of Fat Melting Injections: Non-Surgical and Minimal Downtime

The Benefits of Fat Melting Injections: Non-Surgical and Minimal Downtime

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we offer Fat Dissolving Injections designed to address fatty deposits that commonly accumulate around the jawline and under the chin. Our clinic provides a range of non-surgical facial treatments, catering to those who prefer non-invasive options for achieving firmer and more youthful-looking skin. With minimal downtime and effective results, Fat Dissolving Injections have gained significant popularity among our patients. By reading the page you can know the “The Benefits of Fat Melting Injections: Non-Surgical and Minimal Downtime”

What Are Fat-Dissolving Injections?

Fat-dissolving injections are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to permanently and efficiently eliminate small, stubborn areas of fat. Typically, clinics restrict the administration of these injections to individuals who are near their desired weight but require assistance in targeting specific localized fat deposits.

The procedure itself is relatively brief and minimally uncomfortable. Results usually become noticeable within a few weeks and are permanent; once the fat cells have dissolved, they are gone for good.

Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections:

Fat Melting Injections offer numerous advantages to patients. Fat-dissolving injections, in particular, can deliver the following benefits and more:

  • A flatter tummy
  • Carved thighs
  • Reduced buttock area
  • Toned upper arms
  • Diminished double chin
  • Slimmer overall impression
  • Decreased body fat
  • Unlike more invasive fat removal procedures that involve incisions and can result in scarring, fat removal injections are incision-free and leave virtually no visible marks after treatment.

How do the Injections Work?

Fat-dissolving injections involve the use of a substance to actually break down and eliminate unwanted fat cells in distinct areas of the body. One commonly used component for these injections is deoxycholic acid, which is the most active element found in the Kybella injection.

A natural substance found in the body known as Deoxycholic acid plays a significant part in the deterioration and dissolving of dietary fat. When strategically injected into specific areas such as the chin or stomach, it effectively targets and breaks down the fat cells in those regions. As a result, the body naturally eradicates the dissolved fat cells over a period of time.

The procedure begins by meticulously cleansing and marking the treatment area. Using a fine needle, the deoxycholic acid solution is precisely injected into the specific fat cells. Depending on the size and scope of the treatment area, multiple injections may be required. The entire procedure is usually finished within a duration of 15-30 minutes.

Areas that can be Treated:

In fat-dissolving treatments, the commonly targeted areas for injection are:

  • Abdomen (belly)
  • Submental area (double chin)
  • Back folds
  • Flanks (loins), inner thighs, and knees
  • Buttocks

Moreover, the skilled surgeons at our clinic have expertise in using fat-melting injections to target lipomas. Additionally, in Dubai, plastic surgeons utilize lipolysis injections to effectively address any remaining fat deposits following liposuction procedures.

Is it Safe to get these Injections?

Fat-dissolving injections, such as Aqualyx, are considered safe with minimal associated risks and complications. Aqualyx has been granted approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and globally, there have been only rare instances of minor side effects reported since its introduction. Temporary irritation, bruising, and swelling around the treated site are the most common and transient side effects, typically resolving within a few days.

How much time do the Results take?

This treatment requires some patience as noticeable changes are typically reported by patients after six weeks. For enhanced results, repeated sessions can be undertaken, further improving the overall outcome.

How the Procedure is done?

Before undergoing fat-melting injections, the initial step is to consult with an expert practitioner. If you choose to proceed with the treatment, some clinics may offer same-day treatment. The following steps will typically be taken during the procedure:

The treatment area is marked out on the body. A topical anaesthetic is then applied to the area, or the solution is mixed with lidocaine to increase comfort. Several small injections are allocated, with the number of injections depending on the size of the treatment area. The medic will massage the treated region to assure an even solution dispersal.

After Care:

Fat melting injections typically involve minimal downtime and are generally associated with little to no discomfort. However, it’s important to note that due to the inflammatory essence of the treatment, some bruising and swelling may occur within the next 48 hours to 10 days. Fortunately, these effects are usually minor and can be alleviated by using cooling pads and over-the-counter pain relief, if necessary.

Following the appointment, it may be advised for you to massage the treated area two to three times daily for several days. To achieve optimal results, most individuals typically require multiple treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

Alternative Treatments:

Treatments alternative to fat-dissolving injections is surgical such as:


Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a cannula to loosen and remove fatty tissue. It is primarily recommended for addressing stubborn areas of fat that are difficult to eliminate through other means, rather than serving as a comprehensive weight-loss solution for the entire body. Liposuction provides long-lasting results, but it is generally more costly and requires a longer recovery period compared to fat-melting injections.


CoolSculpting and CoolTech are non-surgical alternatives to liposuction that employ cryo-lipolysis to freeze specific fat cells beneath the skin. As time progresses, the body naturally eliminates these frozen cells through liver function over the course of several months. CoolSculpting and CoolTech treatments are often regarded as cost-effective, with most individuals undergoing up to four sessions to attain their desired outcomes.

Chin Surgery:

A chin tuck is a minor surgical procedure aimed at eliminating fat and enhancing muscle tightness in the area beneath the chin and jawline. It encompasses a combination of liposuction, tightening, and contouring treatments. Being a surgical intervention, a longer downtime is to be expected following this procedure.

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